[Xerte-dev] config.php should it be config-dist.php?

Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Wed Jul 18 11:07:02 BST 2012


been wondering about this... 


Although at the moment there isn't much to configure in config.php apart
from commenting/un-commenting the required authentication method renaming
config.php to config-dist.php would follow the way other apps do this. The
reason it's relevant is when dragging the latest code over the top of an
existing install where at the moment config.php overwrites the existing file
and therefore changes the authentication back to guest.


Having said that I guess changing it to config-dist.php has implications for
the quick xampp install code where the file would need to be copied/renamed
like what used to happen with demo.txt.


If we don't rename I guess there needs to be a reminder somewhere about not
overwriting an existing 1.8 config.php


Just wondering...

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