[Xerte-dev] Scenario Conenctor

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Tue Jul 17 10:36:31 BST 2012

Hi Johnathan, you can have children in the xml that is added to make a page: have a look at morph images, that has a child in the xml payload.

>From the doc:
Scenario Connector
Score debug message - change so it says you have to add the Configure Scores Section rather than game setup block as this is what it's called on wizard.  Or even better have this automatically as part of the Scenario when you insert the page.
Haven't checked this page any further.

Changed the xwd text to refer to Configure Scores Section
Not sure how you would add it automatically as the default xml for all pages is empty. I know Tom has set things up so that when you create a page it populates the xml with top level items but not child level items.

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