[Xerte-dev] Re: Bugs in page models / wizard - QR code page

Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Mon Jul 16 16:15:29 BST 2012

Hi Fay

I know you're not around until Wednesday but sending this now for reference
by others too.


I have just committed QRcode.rlm to the XOT svn and also Xerte svn in


In terms of the errors you reported I had fixed the main error previously
but my commit to xot svn was subsequently overwritten and I hadn't committed
to the xerte svn. As far as I can tell the following responses are correct:


QR Code

Page just shows blank panel - no text or QR code - this was the main problem
fixed by the committed update - should certainly work now in XOT?

Confusing that the default seems to have Align Text as Hide Text when Page
Text isn't an optional property but the option to show the text is an
optional property (although at the moment all the Align Text box does is
change between panel left, right, full screen and in none of the options is
the text visible) - This should work now that the QR code image is
generated? By default the QR code and panel is set to show full screen and
Hide Text. If the optional property of Align Text is set to either Left or
Right the text should show either right or Left accordingly e.g. if someone
wishes to display instructions alongside the QR code.

Not sure why you would want to add Sound to this type of page but without
being able to get it to work it's hard to say if it would be useful! - Just
like the option to display instructions alongside the QR code the option to
include audible instructions could be useful in some situations.


I've also attached the QRcode.rlm - anyone testing with Xerte will need to
replace the existing file or grab the update from svn.





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I've attached the list of the bugs I've found from testing all the page
types.  Actually, they're not all bugs - a lot of them are just things I
think would improve the usability of them.


I've highlighted all the places where fields in the wizard need to be moved
to Language Options so I think these are the only bits for you to look at.
Julian's working on the rest of the list so I don't know whether it will
potentially get confusing with you both working on the xwd at the same time.


I've also added a few comments about the connector pages.  Only a couple of
the comments are proper bugs, the rest are more aesthetic comments to make
them more consistent with other pages.  It's not really for me to say if
they need changing or not!  It was a quick test of these pages so you'll see
if some places I couldn't work out what things were meant to do - I haven't
time to do these pages very thoroughly.


Checking all these has made me realise just how many pages there are to
recreate in the HTML5 version!




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