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Many thanks to Fay or going through this so thoroughly. I'm going to work on this next week, but I'd prefer Johnathan to finish his part of the work re: the language options, I'll look at everything else. We shouldn't collide in the svn. I'll flag up a list of things that are on the PHP side of things, I think the main thing is that dodgy publishing / exporting stuff.

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I've attached the list of the bugs I've found from testing all the page types.  Actually, they're not all bugs - a lot of them are just things I think would improve the usability of them.

I've highlighted all the places where fields in the wizard need to be moved to Language Options so I think these are the only bits for you to look at.  Julian's working on the rest of the list so I don't know whether it will potentially get confusing with you both working on the xwd at the same time.

I've also added a few comments about the connector pages.  Only a couple of the comments are proper bugs, the rest are more aesthetic comments to make them more consistent with other pages.  It's not really for me to say if they need changing or not!  It was a quick test of these pages so you'll see if some places I couldn't work out what things were meant to do - I haven't time to do these pages very thoroughly.

Checking all these has made me realise just how many pages there are to recreate in the HTML5 version!

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