[Xerte-dev] testing upgrade

Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Fri Jul 13 09:31:31 BST 2012


I tested upgrading some older localhost xampp installations yesterday e.g.
by dragging 1.8 code over the top of the earlier version and also running

As far as tests so far this seems to work fine but I did notice there had
been a change in demo.txt at some point which could cause problems for those
upgrading a xampp install. I guess this might be a question for Pat and a
judgement call as to what to use for the guest account username....


1. At some point in demo.txt $_SESSION['toolkits_logon_username'] = "guest";
was changed to $_SESSION['toolkits_logon_username'] = "guest2"; and the
current 1.7 zip download has $_SESSION['toolkits_logon_username'] =


2. The xot1.8 code in /library/Xerte/Authentication/Guest.php sets guest as
the username e.g.

public function getUsername() {

        return 'guest';



3. The reason this is relevant is that at the moment if someone upgrades a
xampp 1.7 install which is using demo.txt code rather than switch.txt code
they won't see their previous projects. Solution for that would be to change
Guest.php to use guest2 rather than guest. However in older versions and I'm
not sure exactly when the username in demo.txt was guest rather than guest2
so upgrading these works fine.



a) Should we change the 1.8 code to use guest2? e.g. will work ok for more
recent installs and perhaps add a note about changing this for older

b) Or should we leave 1.8 code as guest and add a note about changing this
for more recent installs?

c) Or is there a way we can check for in the code and use guest or guest2




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