[Xerte-dev] Re: 1.9 thinking

Thomas Rochford thomas.rochford at jiscadvance.ac.uk
Wed Jul 4 22:58:30 BST 2012

I suspect too that a 100% proof HTML5 version will need to use the
embedded SQLite, rather than MySQL. I don't think this will affect the
content or philosophy but it will require some reworking of the PHP,

Kindest regards, Thomas
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From: David Goodwin
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Subject: [Xerte-dev] Re: 1.9 thinking

On 4 Jul 2012, at 20:38, Pat Lockley wrote:

> How is update triggered / is it currently empty?

Currently - it requires someone to run the script in whatever way.

However, it should be incremental and know what's been previously done
- so it could be included via common.php or something - so the code is
executed in every request.

Alternatively, include it in one of the management page(s) so it is
run when someone views/runs one of them?


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