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probably in the .rlm files for each of those tempaltes, but they look easy enough to do. I'll have a look tomorrow when I'm in the office,
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Hi all,

I've been looking a bit more into the accessibility side of things and wondered if I could get some pointers on where I need to look in the code to get to some of this stuff. With previous changes to the main navigation buttons I was able to match what was in the language xml file to what was in the engine file. With the new things I need to look at (listed below) I'm unsure first of all whether I need to look in the engine file or would need to do something in the specific model files for each of the different things here? Any help or advice much appreciated.


After further testing (benchmark has been Jaws screenreader with IE8) we've identified the following:

Media - Morph images:
Morph button is listed as unlabelled button - otherwise page works fine with Jaws.

Media - Jing Movie
Can access the Jing buttons - but there are no labels - Jaws reads them as unlabelled buttons.

Navigators - Tabbed/accordion navigator
Tab buttons are accessible but not labelled. Content in tabs reads OK with Jaws

Navigators - column page
Reads the text fine but does not read the alt text for images

Navigators - links
Jaws does not read out the link text

Interactivity - Hotspot image
Hotspots are not labelled individually - each says "hotspot button" so no way to know what's being clicked

Interactivity - interactive list
List items for clicking on are not individually labelled - just says "text button"

Interactivity - Multiple choice question
The options in the MCQ are listed by Jaws, but the Check button is not labelled.

Interactivity - stimulating question
The feedback button is accessible but not labelled

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