[Syrphidae] Re: Paper request from Zimina

Francis Gilbert Francis.Gilbert at nottingham.ac.uk
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here it is

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Hi Everybody,

I'm looking for this reference:

Zimina, L. V. 1970. K faune sirfid (Diptera, Syrphide) Kirghizii.  Pp. 46-40. In Entomologischeskie issledovaniya v Kirghizii. Novye i maloizvestnye vidy bespozvonochnykh zhivotnykh, Frunze [In Russian] [1970.??.??]

Maybe there are some (spelling) mistakes in this reference, but this how it is spelled on Systema Dipterorum (http://sd.zoobank.org/References/Details/26876).

Many thanks in advance,

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