[Syrphidae] AHE Syrphidae Phylogeny

Kevin Moran syrphidae at kevinmoran.com
Mon Aug 26 16:22:31 BST 2019

Hello from Canada!

I hope this email finds you well.

Work is continues to progress on the AHE phylogeny of Syrphidae and we
can't wait to present our results.

We've been fortunate enough to obtain three additional kits which will
allow us to add up to 192 taxa. We've been scratching our heads trying to
figure out how to fill them.

Thus, we wanted to tell the community that if you have any pet projects for
which you want molecular data to bring them to the upcoming symposium in
Lesvos and we'll see if we can't include them in the study. Also, if you
have collected any rare or odd taxa recently then bring those as well!

We've had success obtaining DNA from pinned specimens collected last year.
In fact the DNA concentration was so high it maxed out the meter! Anything
4-5 years or younger is worth a shot. Up to 8 years if it's super rare.

Best wishes,
Kevin and Jeff
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