[Syrphidae] help with Dutch field guide on Syrphidae

Sander Bot botsander at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 20:43:53 GMT 2017

Dear Syrphid enthusiast,

Together with Frank van de Meutter I am working on a proper field guide to
the hoverflies of Belgium and the Netherlands, to be published in 2018. For
this upcoming guide I make high quality photographs from pinned specimens
and with the help of Photoshop I turn them in proper images for the guide.
For two low res examples see http://waarneming.nl/fotonew/4/11633034.jpg
and http://waarneming.nl/fotonew/9/11276349.jpg. I also tried to attach
them in this email, the originals are way larger. The better pinned the
specimen, the easier it is to make good photos. For the majority of the
species the photos are taken or nicely pinned material is waiting to be
photographed. However, for some species we are still missing material. And
for these species I am asking your help. Do you have material useful for
the project and could we loan it?

For the following species we lack material:

Brachyopa silviae male and female
Callicera macquarti male
Callicera spinolae male and female
Melangyna ericarum female
Merodon aeneus male and female
Microdon major male
Microdon mutabilis pupa
Orthonevra elegans male and female
Orthonevra erythrogona male
Paragus constrictus male and female
Platycheirus ramsarensis male
Platycheirus sticticus male
Sphaerophoria bankowskae female
Sphaerophoria potentillae female
Sphaerophoria shirchan female
Sphegina spheginea male
Temnostoma meridionale female
Tropidia fasciata female

For these I would be glad to receive any material at all, since we have
none now, but the better pinned the easier to photograph. For the females
we usually not make a habitus photo but only photograph the abdomen, so for
the ladies only a not too curved abdomen will do.
For the following species we have material, but the quality is not too
good, so better material would be much appreciated:

Brachyopa grunewaldensis male and female
Brachyopa obscura female
Brachypalpus valgus male and female
Callicera aurata male
Cheilosia ahenea male and female
Cheilosia grisella male
Cheilosia sahlbergi female
Melangyna ericarum male
Melangyna labiatarum male
Melangyna lucifera male
Melanogaster parumplicata male genitalia
Merodon ruficornis male and female
Microdon analis pupa
Orthonevra stackelbergi male and female
Paragus flammeus male
Pipizella divicoi male
Pipizella maculipennis female
Platycheirus amplus male
Platycheirus nielseni female
Sphaerophoria chongjini female
Sphegina nigra male
Sphegina spheginea female
Temnostoma meridionale male
Tropidia fasciata male

Do you have material from the species mentioned above? It would be great if
we could loan that material for the book. Even if you have only one or two
specimens, that could already be useful, when it is a rare species even one
specimen might be very useful! It is preferred that the specimen is not
from too far away, so Central Europe is preferred above the Mediterranean,
but of course the Mediterranean is preferred above no material at all ;-).
We will cover all the costs of shipping it to the Netherlands and back. By
the end of the year the manuscript should be finished, so you will get the
material back within a year. In return I will sent you the high res image
of any fly of you we use for the book, and a proper contribution will
result in a free copy of the book as well.

Please let me know if you would like contribute, it's much appreciated.
This could be by sending material but also by tipping me about people or
museums that might have a large and well pinned collection. If you doubt
because your flies are not pinned very nice or you have only very few flies
to contribute, please still contact me, so we can see whether your
contribution is useful. For any other questions about the project don’t
hesitate to email me as well.

Last but not least: I wish everybody a happy 2017!

Sander Bot
botsander at gmail.com
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