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Here is a list of my publications on Diptera during tyhe past three years.  PDFs of any of hee an be sent to those who requst for any.  Cheers,


Ghorpade, K. 2012.  Part of text [pp. 131-133, 135, 137-138,
140-142, 145-147]  In: X.    Mengual, The flower fly genus Citrogramma Vockeroth (Diptera: Syrphidae):  illustrated revision with descriptions of new
species.  Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 164: 99-172, 157 figs.    [PDF] 
Ghorpade, K. 2012.  Notes on nomenclature, taxonomy and phylogeny
of the genus  Chrysotoxum Meigen (Diptera—Syrphidae) in  the Oriental region.        Colemania, No. 32,  pp. 1-4.    [PDF]
Punekar, S.and Ghorpade, K. 2013. Fly-trap pollination
in Indian Ceropegia L. (Apocynaceae:
Asclepiadoideae). ABSTRACT,  p. 8. In:  H. Somanathan & N.H.
de Ibarra, Biology of Tropical
Pollination : From Individuals to Networks (19-21 February,
2013).  Trivandrum, India.  ABSTRACTS,   23 pp.   India-UK scientific seminar (DST - Royal Society) on “Biology of Tropical
Pollination :  From Individuals to
Networks.” Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER),  Trivandrum, India [PDF]
Patil, R.R., Ghorpade, K., Tippannavar,
P.S. andChandaragi, M.K. 2013. New record of
syrphid,  Chrysotoxum  baphyrum Walker
(Diptera: Syrphidae) on the sugarcane root aphd, Tetraneura javensis (van der Goot) in peninsular India.  Journal of experimental Zoology, India, 16(2): 557-560, pls 1-2.      [PDF]
Durga Prasad, K.,  Knutson, K. and Ghorpade, K.  2013. Notes on the biology of Indian Sepedon species (Diptera—Sciomyzidae):
Larval development on snail eggs, labellar hooks of adult flies, and
trophallaxis.  Colemania,  No.  22, pp. 3-12.  [PDF]
Ghorpade, K.2013. Indian Insect and Spider diversity:  richness estimates based on true flies of the Western Ghats and a
protection status assessment.  Pp.
67-86.  In:  V.B. Mathur et al. [Ed.]   Arthropods and their Conservation in India
(Insects and Spiders). Envis Bull., 14(11), Wildlife Institute of India,
Dehra Dun (2011).  [PDF]
Ghorpade, K.and Shehzad,
A. 2013. An Annotated Checklist
and Select Bibliography of the Hover-flies (Diptera—Syrphidae) of Pakistan, Indian
subcontinent.  Colemania, No. 37,  pp. 1-26.    [PDF]   
Ollerton, J., Punekar, S. andGhorpade, K. 2013.       Specialized and generalized interactions
with pollinators in the diverse  genus Ceropegia (Apocynaceae).  Abstract.  1 p.  64° Congresso Nacional de Botanica, Belo
Horizonte10-15 de Novembro de 2013.   [PDF] 
Ghorpade, K. 2014.  The Diptera of the Western Ghats, peninsular India, with knowledge
status and richness estimates of families of true flies in the Indian
subregion.  Colemania, No. 40, pp. 3-29.  [PDF]
Ghorpade, K. 2014. Notes on the taxonomy, distributional ranges and biogeography of some Oriental
species of the genus Spheginobaccha de Meijere (Diptera—Syrphidae—Microdontinae), together with an appreciation of
Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913).  Colemania, No. 41, pp. 1-14, map.      [PDF]
Ghorpade, K.and Pathania, P.C. 2014. Hover-flies (Diptera—Syrphidae) in the collection of the
Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, India and a Checklist of  those known from the Punjab Doab
biogeographical sub-area.  Colemania, No. 42, pp. 1-10.    [PDF]
Ghorpade, K.2014. An updated Check-list
of  the Hover-flies (Diptera—Syrphidae)
recorded in the Indian sub-continent.  Colemania, No. 44, pp. 1-30.
Ghorpade, K.2014. An annotated Check-list and select Bibliography of the
Hover-flies (Diptera—Syrphidae) of Afghanistan, Indian sub-continent.  Colemania, No. 45, pp. 1-00.  
Ghorpade, K.2014. On Hover-flies (Diptera—Syrphidae) preserved in the
collection of the Panjab University, Chandigarh, and further notes on those
from the Indian Punjab and NW. India.  Colemania, No. 46, pp. 1-17.
Dr Kumar Ghorpade, Scientist Emeritus, Post-Graduate Teacher & Research Associate in Systematic Entomology, University of Agricultural Sciences, Krishi Nagar, Dharwar 580 005, Karnataka, INDIA. 
Postal Mailbox:  P.O. Box 221, K.C. Park Post Office, Dharwar 580 008, INDIA.  Registered mail to:  "Bell Bungalow," Kumareswar Colony 1st Cross, off Haliyal Road, Saptapur, Dharwar 580 001 (INDIA).
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