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Tue Sep 24 16:01:28 BST 2013

Dear Ximo

A European venue is much to be preferred. At this stage I cannot say with any certainty whether I
will be able to attend. I have been pretty much unemployed for the past 4 years and my finances are
taking a hammering - especially as I look to have absolutely no work at all lined up for this winter
(I've managed to get enough to eek out a living for the past 4 years but not enough to fund trips

So, my advice is book what you think will work. A venue in Germany will be reasonably attractive -
do please check whether you are talking about double or twin rooms. Double suggests sharing a bed,
twin is just sharing a room - a vast difference - I certainly don't welcome sharing a bed unless the
other occupant is female and lovely!

Best wishes


Quoting ximo mengual sanchis <xmengual at gmail.com>:

> Dear all,
> As you well know, we had a wonderful symposium in Novosibirsk last June
> where we all enjoyed the Siberian hospitality and kindness. Personally, I
> want to thank the organizers and our friends Anatolij Barkalov and Valeri
> Mutin.
> During the last talk session, participants decided that the next symposium
> (ISS8) will take place in Germany, close to Bonn. Thus, I want to welcome
> you all to my new "house" and I hope you can take part of this event!
> Björn Rulik and I are organizing the symposium with hope and effort to make
> you feel comfortable.  At this moment, we can say that the meeting will
> take place from June 4th to 8th of 2015.
> I discussed with some of you the possible locations of the next meeting.
> There were two options:
> - Bonn city; this option means that everyone must look for his/her
> accommodation. Talks would take place in the museum.
> - outside Bonn, in a location where we can stay together. Björn found a
> great place to stay in Monschau, the Hotel Carat:
> http://www.carathotel.de/start/ . Monschau is a historic town with
> beautiful environs, close to the Eifel Natural Park.
> At this point, I would like to start a discussion with all of you who
> pretend to come. The discussion or "poll" is about the "lodging price" you
> would pay to attend the meeting. here the quote we received for four
> nights, including breakfast and lunch, but WITHOUT dinner:
> - Single room: 85 euros per night. Total (4 nights) = 340 euros
> - Double room: 70 euros per night. Total (4 nights) = 280 euros
> As you can imagine, this is the best quote we can get and there are some
> basic things not included.
> I would like everyone (yes! everyone of you) gives me his opinion about the
> location and the prices. Why am I doing this? Before sending the first
> official letter, I want that the maximum number of participants come and
> participate giving talks, and posters.
> Based on the last experience in Novosibirsk, I decided to go ahead and make
> this explicit poll to continue and perpetuate the high attendance of
> previous symposia.
> Please answer and give us your opinion.
> The Organizing Committee of the 8th International Symposium on Syrphidae
> welcomes all of you!
> Best regards,
> Ximo
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