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Frank Dziock dziock at htw-dresden.de
Tue Sep 24 12:08:45 BST 2013

Dear Ximo,

very nice to hear from you and I really appreciate that you organize the
next Symposium together with Björn!

I would love to come and at the moment it seems that its feasible to
participate, although it is during my teaching time.

The location seems o.k. The price is quite high, but acceptable regarding
the prices in the region. But I have one recommendation: maybe Axel
Ssymank can be of some help in finding cheaper alternatives in the region?
I remember he organized a meeting of the German dipterists (although I
could not be there) in the vicinity of Bonn and these meetings are always
in accomodations not so expensive. Maybe you could contact him. But, as I
said, for me (as a German who is used to such prices) the price is

I am very curious how it was in Novosibirsk, maybe one of you who
participated can post a short summary of the meeting on the Syrphid list ?

Very best wishes from Dresden,


Am Di, 24.09.2013, 12:43 schrieb ximo mengual sanchis:
> Dear all,
> As you well know, we had a wonderful symposium in Novosibirsk last June
> where we all enjoyed the Siberian hospitality and kindness. Personally, I
> want to thank the organizers and our friends Anatolij Barkalov and Valeri
> Mutin.
> During the last talk session, participants decided that the next symposium
> (ISS8) will take place in Germany, close to Bonn. Thus, I want to welcome
> you all to my new "house" and I hope you can take part of this event!
> Björn Rulik and I are organizing the symposium with hope and effort to
> make
> you feel comfortable.  At this moment, we can say that the meeting will
> take place from June 4th to 8th of 2015.
> I discussed with some of you the possible locations of the next meeting.
> There were two options:
> - Bonn city; this option means that everyone must look for his/her
> accommodation. Talks would take place in the museum.
> - outside Bonn, in a location where we can stay together. Björn found a
> great place to stay in Monschau, the Hotel Carat:
> http://www.carathotel.de/start/ . Monschau is a historic town with
> beautiful environs, close to the Eifel Natural Park.
> At this point, I would like to start a discussion with all of you who
> pretend to come. The discussion or "poll" is about the "lodging price" you
> would pay to attend the meeting. here the quote we received for four
> nights, including breakfast and lunch, but WITHOUT dinner:
> - Single room: 85 euros per night. Total (4 nights) = 340 euros
> - Double room: 70 euros per night. Total (4 nights) = 280 euros
> As you can imagine, this is the best quote we can get and there are some
> basic things not included.
> I would like everyone (yes! everyone of you) gives me his opinion about
> the
> location and the prices. Why am I doing this? Before sending the first
> official letter, I want that the maximum number of participants come and
> participate giving talks, and posters.
> Based on the last experience in Novosibirsk, I decided to go ahead and
> make
> this explicit poll to continue and perpetuate the high attendance of
> previous symposia.
> Please answer and give us your opinion.
> The Organizing Committee of the 8th International Symposium on Syrphidae
> welcomes all of you!
> Best regards,
> Ximo
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