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I wish I could point you to a scientifically published analysis, but unfortunately as far as I aware there are none.

However as an individual who is aware of the issue, I can say on my walks around my home area [in northern Virginia, outside of Washington], etc., I have over the recent years seen a distinct decline in honey bees, but other pollinators, including syrphids and other bees, not much change.

Syrphids maintain their relative abundance as pollinators as their life-history does not depend on pollen [beyond some limited evidence that suggest egg production may be dependent on female health, etc., and there amount of pollen females taken in, etc.]

Oh, well ...


Chris Thompson

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Many apologies for the naïve question, but could the members of the list please point me to key references regarding the impacts of neonicotinoids and other pesticides on hover flies? 


I am a coral reef research scientist in Bermuda, but also a fan of hover flies. We are debating the impacts of pesticides on our pollinator populations here at the moment, and hover flies are a neglected component of the discussion. (I also fear that marine arthropods are being impacted, but there is minimal basic data on most species, let alone ecotox analysis.)


I have limited journal access, so pdf would be great too.


Best regards - Thad


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