[Syrphidae] reference request - impacts of pesticides on hover flies

Murdoch, Thad tjmurdoch at gov.bm
Wed Sep 11 20:04:57 BST 2013

Many apologies for the naïve question, but could the members of the list please point me to key references regarding the impacts of neonicotinoids and other pesticides on hover flies?

I am a coral reef research scientist in Bermuda, but also a fan of hover flies. We are debating the impacts of pesticides on our pollinator populations here at the moment, and hover flies are a neglected component of the discussion. (I also fear that marine arthropods are being impacted, but there is minimal basic data on most species, let alone ecotox analysis.)

I have limited journal access, so pdf would be great too.

Best regards - Thad

Thaddeus J. T. Murdoch, PhD
Chief Scientist
BREAM: Bermuda Reef Ecosystem Analysis and Monitoring Programme
Bermuda Zoological Society PO Box 415, Flatts, FL-BX, BERMUDA
Tel: 441.505.8424

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