[Syrphidae] Correction to my last e-mail

Gil Felipe Goncalves Miranda ggoncalv at uoguelph.ca
Tue Oct 6 18:19:45 BST 2009

Correcting my last email... I meant to say Dusek on my subject... I'm terribly sorry for the mistake...

Gil Felipe Gonçalves Miranda, MSc. (Entomology)
PhD candidate in Entomology
Insect Systematics Laboratory
Department of Environmental Biology
University of Guelph
1216 Edmund C. Bovey Building - N1G 2W1
Guelph, ON, Canada
Phone numbers: 
(1) (519) 546-8005 (cel.)
(1) (519) 824-4120 x52582 (work)

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