[Syrphidae] First volume of Swedish Syrphidae book

André van Eck eckvana at xs4all.nl
Thu Jun 25 16:26:25 BST 2009

Dear Hans,

I was in Novi Sad and was very much impressed by the book! What a 
tremendous quality of pictures and drawings.
Therefor I would like to order it, but unfortunately I could not find 
the book listed on the website mentioned.
Is it possible I order directly to you, or should I wait a little?

Friendly greetings,

Bartsch, Hans D schreef:
> Dear syrphid friends,
> today I got very happy because I received one of the first copies of 
> the just published *first volume of the Swedish book about 
> Hoverflies*. The volume covers all known species of _Syrphinae_ in 
> Fennoscandia incl. Iceland with species accounts, distribution maps, 
> keys and illustrations.
> I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks to all of you who 
> have helped me with information or specimens or have encouraged me in 
> other ways. My thoughts also go to V.S. van der Goot who with his book 
> of 1981 "De zweefvliegen van Noordwest-Europa en Europees Rusland, in 
> het bijzonder van het Benelux" started the European Syrphidae-boom, of 
> which this book just is one of the many outcomes.
> Those of you who did attend the International Symposium on Syrphidae 
> in Leiden/Netherlands 2005 and/or in Siikaranta/Finland 2007 have 
> already got some glimpses about the Swedish book in my papers given 
> there. Unfortunately I cannot attend in Novi Sad -- but Rune Bygebjerg 
> will bring a copy with him to the symposium so that those of you who 
> meet there have the possibility to have a look at it. I also wish all 
> a good symposium in Novi Sad.
> For more information about the Swedish book please go to 
> www.nationalnyckeln.se <http://www.nationalnyckeln.se> (or google eg. 
> "Nationalnyckeln hoverflies") and choose Swedish or English 
> information. The book can also be obtained from various book shops.
> The *second volume* of the Swedish book about Hoverflies is planned 
> for the end of the year and will cover the remaining species of 
> Syrphidae in the Nordic countries.
> And do not hesitate to visit *MailScanner has detected a possible 
> fraud attempt from "www.artprotalen.se" claiming to be* 
> www.artportalen.se <http://www.artprotalen.se/> (or google on 
> "Artportalen"), click on "rapportsystemet för småkryp" (with the 
> butterfly-ilustration) and on next page click on "landskapskatalog för 
> blomflugor" -- and you will see a *time window based province 
> catalogue for Swedish hoverflies* covering the days from Linnaeus on 
> to 2008. On the same site you can by now also find about 10.000 
> observations of Swedish Syrphidae (just a beginning!) amongst other 
> observations of Swedish fauna & flora.
> Finally I want to express my congratulations to the authors of this 
> years book about *Hoverflies of the Netherlands* which I got in my 
> hands yesterday.  
> Best wishes
> Hans Bartsch
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