[Syrphidae] Final programme - 5th International Symposium onSyrphidae.

Chris Thompson xelaalex at cox.net
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I look forward to meeting you if you can make it.

I will be happy to pay your registration fee in recognition of the fine work you are doing on Mexican flower flies.


Chris Thompson
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  Dear Snezana Radenkovic, I'm a french amator of Syrphidae who works in Central America, in connection with Crhistian Thompson. I have the opportunity, at the ultimate moment, to come to the congress next week. 
  I need to know if there is still some possibility to be registrated before taking my ticket fly. If yes, could you tell me what are the registration fee ? My budget is very low so I would like to know the possibility for sleeping and for food at "Moutain Fruska Gora".
  My plane arrival in Belgrade is 11h50 the saturday 20th June and my departure time from Belgrade is 12:40 on monday 22.
  Thank you very much for your answer. 
  Philippe Sagot

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