[Syrphidae] Efficiency of trapping methods for flower flies

Francis Gilbert Francis.Gilbert at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Jun 1 08:53:30 BST 2005

there are a number of studies done in Germany (and published in German) that specifically compare various trapping methods for syrphids, and also elsewhere in Europe. For example:-

	Pompé T & Cölln K	1993		[ Malaise traps as a method of short-term faunal recording, illustrated by the hoverflies (Diptera, Syrphidae) of the district of Daun/Eifel ]	Malaisefallen als Methode zur kurzfristigen Faunenerfassungdargestellt am Beispiel der Schwebfliegen (Diptera: Syrphidae) des Landkreises Daun/Eifel.	Verhandlungen der westdeutscher Entomologentag. Düsseldorf.	1991	101-108	

	Precht A & Cölln K	1996	b	[ On the specificity of location of Malaise-traps: a study on hoverflies (Diptera, Syrphidae) ]	Zum Standortbezug von Malaise-Fallen: eine Untersuchung am Beispiel der Schwebfliegen (Diptera: Syrphidae)	Fauna Flora Rheinland-Pfalz	8	449-508

	Stollar S	1973	b	[ The effectiveness of using the fixed Malaise trap for catching insects with special reference to the catching of hoverflies (Diptera, Syrphidae) ]	104-106	in Seminar on methods used in the study of Diptera of economic importance	Z Radosova (ed)	Prague		(source RAE 62:4178)	in Cz with a german summary

In English there is Henry Disney et al's work, that is very nice.

Disney RHL, Erzinclioglu Y, Henshaw D, Howse D, Unwin D, et al	1982		Collecting methods and the adequacy of attempted faunal surveys, with reference to the Diptera	Field Studies	5	607-621


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