[Syrphidae] Specimens of Palumbia in museums

Gerard Pennards gerard_pennards at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 6 12:45:54 GMT 2005

Dear all,

I am planning to look at two 'species' of the genus Palumbia that occur in 
The first is Palumbia bellieri Bigot, until last year only known from 
Sicily, but now also found in the Pindos mountains of Greece by me last 
Second species is Palumbia eristaloides Portschinsky, that occurs in Turky 
and the balcan region.
The two species are separated on the color differences of legs and abdomen.
After finding P. bellieri in the Greek mountains, I want to check whether 
these are really two species, or one is a color variation of the other.
For that I need material to look at. I got a female specimen of  P. bellieri 
The question to all of you is whether you know a museum or institute which 
has material of P. bellieri and/or P. eristaloides that eventually can be 
borrowed. Or in a private collection of course!

Thans in advance,
Gerard Pennards

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