[Syrphidae] Re: Pelecocera species (Iran) (Babak Gharali)

Sun, 25 Jul 2004 23:34:40 +0300

Dear Babak Gharali,

You need a Kuznetsov's key with descriptions of several Palaearctic
Pelecocera species (without genitalia figures, but with description
Pelecocera persiana Kuzn.; sic! - presumably Pelecocera lugubris is not valid

 ..   Pelecocera Mg. (Diptera, Syrphidae) 
 // Latvijas Entomologs (=
). - 1989. - L. 32. - L. 80-85.

= Kuznetsov S.Yu. Hover-flies of genus Pelecocera Mg. (Diptera,
Syrphidae) of Palaearctic fauna // Latvijas Entomologs (Latvian
entomologist). - 1989. - Iss. 32. - P. 80-85. In Russian.

you wrote:

>Dear specialists
>Recently I have collected two specimens of genus
>Pelecocera from Kurdistan province in western part of Iran. I saw catalogue of Palearctic, Sacks key and also
>other available literatures. In those keys two species namely P.latifrons Lw. and P.tricincta Mg. were separated based
>on color of abdomen but hadnt been presented any picture of male genitalia for confirmation of identification.
>Also I dont know if other species have been reported from Palearctic region since these publications or not.
>Please let me know are there any special key for species of this genus and figure of their genitalia or not.
>Your help in this regard highly appreciated.
>Sincerely yours
>Babak Gharali
>Dep. Of Pest & Diseaes Res.
>P.O.Box: 386
>Ilam, Iran

With respect,
Grigory Popov.