[Syrphidae] Criorhina spec. from Greece

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Tue, 31 Aug 2004 11:29:59 +0200

Hi Gerard,
I think it is a dark morph of floccosa. Like in ranunculi there probably =
are two morphs of floccosa as well. If I remeber well dark floocosa was =
caught in the Netherlands as well. A look at the male genitalia will =
confirm that (or not).
I have several other C.floccosa from Greece, most of them light =
(normal), but also two other dark ones (male & female).
If you have more records from Greece I would like to include them in the =
Greece publication I am preparing.
kind regards,

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Onderwerp: [Syrphidae] Criorhina spec. from Greece

Dear all,
This summer I caught some Syrphids from the genus Criorhina in the =
of Greece.
They seem to key out as C. floccosa (with a yellow bundle of long hairs =
the front corners of tergite 2), but don't really look like it in =
because floccosa looks like a orange bumblebee, and this one is black =
white on the abdomen.
Pictures can be seen on the website www.diptera.info, and go to the=20
discussion forum, and than  Syrphidae.
Can anyone tell me if this is a form of C. floccosa, or another species =
Greetings, Gerard Pennards

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