[Syrphidae] News about II International Symposium on Syrphidae

Santos Rojo santos.rojo@ua.es
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 13:19:07 +0100

Dear Friends and Colleagues

As you remember, the II meeting on Syrphidae will be in Alicante next 
June. The website with all the details of the meeting is at 

=46rom the organizing committee we want to remember you that the end of 
registration is 31th March, 2003 (... less than 3 weeks...). In order 
to make our life more easy, we need to know for this date an idea 
about people interested in assist. Please register your intention to 
attend the workshop with titles of talks/posters as required and send 
us the complete registration form, as soon as possible .

=46inally, good news for people interested in the  Post-congress tour 
[see http://www.syrphidae.ua.es/postcongres.html]. Due to a 
government grant, the fee for the trip is now only 200 euros, 
including transport, accommodation and meals. Moreover the last day 
for reservation has also change so now it is 31th March, 2003 !!

=46or information about all other aspects of the workshop please visit 
the above website  or contact either M.Angeles Marcos-Garcia 
[marcos@ua.es], Santos Rojo [santos.rojo@ua.es] or Celeste 
Perez-Ba=F1on [celeste.perez@ua.es]
Please make this notice available to syrphidologists not using the 
syrphid noticeboard.

See you in Alicante!

Best wishes,

The organizing committee