[Syrphidae] Syrphid Identification Assistance

David Lohman dlohman@oeb.harvard.edu
Wed, 25 Sep 2002 02:33:11 -0400


My name is David Lohman, and I'm in the process of writing up my doctoral 
dissertation on the chemical ecology of ant-associated lycaenid butterflies.  
As part of my Ph.D. work, I examined chemical mimicry by carnivorous 
caterpillars of their aphid prey, and how this relates to the aphids' tending 

In the course of my field work in North America, I found several syrphid larvae 
feeding on wooly aphids (Prociphilus tesselatus) on alder saplings (Alnus 
rugosa), and examined these as well.  I was able to rear several specimens 
through to the adult stage, and have pinned these as vouchers.  

If anyone in this group is willing and able to identify these syrphid vouchers 
for me, please send me an email.

Many thanks.

Best wishes, 
David Lohman

David Lohman
Museum of Comparative Zoology Laboratories 
26 Oxford St.            
Harvard University            
Cambridge, MA 02138  USA

(617) 495-4012 (lab)
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(617) 495-5667 (fax)
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