[Syrphidae] syrphidae on Cyprus

christian thompson cthompson@sel.barc.usda.gov
Fri, 15 Mar 2002 16:05:52 -0500

My God, what is going on in England. Does some one really have money to pay
people to identify flies, especially flower flies?

What is the going rate?

In the New World, at least, people think identification are free.
Taxonomists will be happy to identify anything for anyone, especially if
they can keep interesting specimens.

Sorry, but it is friday afternoon after a very long week in Washington...

Smile :-)

(I would do the work, but I have a few more years before my retirement,
etc. So, my services are still free!)

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>>> "Colin Plant" <colinwplant@ntlworld.com> 03/14 5:36 PM >>>

Can anyone help with identification of Syrphidae from Cyprus? I have some
money to pay a fee for this work. Samples will be in alcohol from Malaise
traps running mid March to mid April 2002 and results are needed very


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