[Syrphidae] Ocyptamus/E.volucris biology

Francis Gilbert Francis.Gilbert@nottingham.ac.uk
Tue, 05 Mar 2002 11:23:59 +0000

There's nothing at all as far as I know in the literature on O.diversifasci=

There's lots on Eupeodes volucris. You could start with:

Campbell RE & Davidson WM (1924) Notes on aphidophagous Syrphidae of =
southern California. I.&II. Bull S Calif Acad Sci 23: ?-? and 59-71 (my =
photocopy lacks the page numbers)

Fluke CL (1929) The known predacious and parasitic enemies of the pea =
aphid in North America. Res Bull Agric Exp Sta, Univ Wisc 93: 1-47

Heiss EM (1938) A classification of the larvae and puparia of the =
Syrphidae of Illinois exclusive of aquatic forms. Illinois Biol Monogr =
16(4) 1-142

Waldbauer GP (1990) Hilltopping by males of <Eupeodes volucris> (Diptera, =
Syrphidae). Great Lakes Ent 23: 175-6

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