[Syrphidae] hoverflies and landscape structure

anneke vrieling anneke.vrieling@lycos.com
Thu, 21 Feb 2002 15:20:09 +0100

I recently subscribed to this list, to learn more about hoverflies in general - they are relatively unknown to me - and hopefully to get advise for my MSc thesis Nature Conservation. The main question of this thesis is: what is the relation between landscape structure and bee and hoverfly diversity in agricultural areas? 

>From mid April I'll start with the fieldwork, which includes catching hoverflies and bees (wild solitary and social bees incl. bumble bees) in intensively used agricultural land. Areas with different landscape structure (~with many and with few margin elements) are selected for this purpose.

Does somebody know if similar research has been carried out, or do you have advise (articles, books) which I should definitely have read before starting the fieldwork? key words: landscape structure, landscape connectivity, hoverflies, bees.

thanks in ahead

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