[Syrphidae] Checklists syrphidae

Bastiaan bastiaaw@dds.nl
Mon, 25 Jun 2001 14:19:05 -0000

Dear all,

At my website you can find checklists of allmost all european countries. Some 
species are added along the way. Sources are added to the lists.
My question to you is if you can give me an update on the lists of your own 
country. (All countries of the world are welcome acctually!) Please go to 
http://www.syrphidae.com and click on the fourth button in the top-frame and 
go to your own country to get your list.
You can also add this link into your own homepage! Like for Germany for example.
If you have digital lists available I would be very happy to add this list to 
the database. All the data shown are comming from one database so taxonimicly 
only one name is availabe for a specie in the list.

Literature database is new too, please have a look.

With regards,
(And for some of you: till next week! Looking forward to it.)


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