[Syrphidae] South American Syrphids

Chris Raper cmt.raper@triocomp.co.uk
Wed, 27 Sep 2000 13:11:44 +0100


I have just been given some Diptera froom Malaise traps run in French
Guiana (Guyane). A few are obviously Syrphids and (going by the
features we use in the UK) I reckon I have Xylotini, Volucelini &

My question is: Are there any keys on the Syrphids of South America?
Or would someone out there be able to give me any help with even rough
identifications? It would be nice to get some of these to Genus or
even further. I am sure that in a relatively unexplored region like
that there must be many as yet unidentified species :-)

Best wishes,
Chris R.