[Syrphidae] Mark van Veen: intro & homepage

markvanveen@talkline.nl markvanveen@talkline.nl
Tue, 31 Oct 2000 11:13:08 +0100

Dear all,

I just joined the discussion list and I like to introduce 
myself and attend you to the web pages I have.

I am studying Syrphidae (and some other fly families, like
Asilidae, Bombyliidae, Therevidae and Rhagionidae),
primarily in The Netherlands, but Germany, Belgium and 
France are regularly visited.
One of my other interests is computer programming. The
combination between entomology and programming is a program
called Faunist, which serves as a record database and
analysis tool.
I chair the European Invertebrate Survey - Netherlands, a
national part of the international EIS. EIS-NL promotes
faunistic and ecological research to invertebrates, for
amateurs and professionals.

On my home page (http://home.talkline.nl/markvanveen/index_e.html)
you will find
a. information on Faunist
b. a java applet that displays the occurrence of Asilidae
and Bombyliidae in the Netherlands in an interactive matter.
I intend to publish my Syrphidae also this way.
c. Key to some Syrphid genera and some other groups. The
Dutch pages are somewhat more extensive than the English
ones. I intend to add more Syrphid keys here, valid for
Northwest Europe.

Mark van Veen