[Syrphidae] Courtship in Platycheirus

Frank Dziock dziock@pro.ufz.de
Wed, 18 Oct 2000 17:48:39 +0200

Dear Syrphid friends,

In May, I have observed some kind of a courtship behaviour in Platycheirus
fulviventris. The male was sitting on the back of the female, holding it
with the middle legs and brushing with the forelegs (tibiae and tarsi) over
the females face. I would like to prepare a little note on this observation
and therefore I am looking for references on this behaviour in other
syrphid or Diptera species. I found a little bit on Asilidae and
Micropezidae, but not much.=20
Please let me know, if You know of any references concerning this or
similar behaviour in Syrphidae or Diptera.

Thanks very much in advance.


Frank Dziock


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