[Syrphidae] Canopy research (question)

christian thompson cthompson@sel.barc.usda.gov
Tue, 10 Oct 2000 12:22:30 -0400

Contact your colleague, Jose Rafael, INPA, Manaus (jarafael@inpa.gov.br). 
They have run malaise traps in the canopy.


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>>> Julio Cesar Rodrigues Fontenelle <juliocrf@mono.icb.ufmg.br> 10/10
11:08 AM >>>
Dear all,
	Sorry I didn't put my question in the first message. I would like to
if somebody already used a trap to collect hover flies or other flies in
the canopy? and how was this trap? 
			Thanks for any help

						Julio Cesar Rodrigues

Julio Cesar Rodrigues Fontenelle
Laboratorio de Ecologia e Comportamento de Insetos
Instituto de Ciencias Biologicas - UFMG 
Belo Horizonte - MG - BRAZIL
E-mail juliocrf@mono.icb.ufmg.br 

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