[Syrphidae] Temnostoma

Rachel Bannister rbannist@hotmail.com
Fri, 10 Nov 2000 17:31:09 GMT

Hello. I am an undergraduate student in 4th year biology.  I am required to 
write a research paper for my Insect Biosystematics course and the genus I 
have chosen is Temnostoma.  I decided on this after keying out a specimen in 
my collection as Temnostoma alternans.   I found this specimen interesting 
because when I collected it, I was convinced it was a wasp.

However, I have found the information Temnostoma to be very limited.  I was 
wondering if anybody could direct me to some research.  Some areas I would 
like to cover include nomenclatorial history (who described it etc.), keys 
available,  zoogeography and anything else that remains to be discovered 
about Temnostoma.

Thank you for your time in this regard,

Rachel Bannister
Undergraduate of Wild Life Biology
University of Guelph

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