[Syrphidae] urgent from Colin Plant

Jean-Michel MAES jmmaes@ibw.com.ni
Fri, 3 Nov 2000 12:11:28 -0600

That's true, we have had a severe infestation here. I get something like a
dozen messages with those attachment. The attachment chage of name when
beeing in an infested machine.

The solution is easy : if you received an attachment, do not open it (NEVER)
except if the person which send it tells you what is the attachment.


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From: Colin Plant <Colinwplant@compuserve.com>
> Dear All,
> A recently created computer virus is becoming very common in the last two
> days!!!!!!!!!!
> Someone in my address book, possibly from one of these lists,  has
> unwittingly sent me a virus. It arrived as an attachment to an e-mail.
> may be unaware that they have sent it. I thought that you might all like
> know about it, since it arrives via e-mail.
> This alert message is not a hoax and not a circular. The virus reached
> ME!!!
> The virus is called W32.MTX@MM  which is one of the aliases of the virus
> W95/MTX.gen@M.  It arrived here in an e-mail attachment called
> MATRiX_Screen_Saver and was not detected by McAfee .dat files version
> The attachment has a number or alternative names. It was created in
> and was first detected in America on 23rd August 2000. The latest McAfee
> .dat files (version 4103) will prevent its arrival.
> For technical data go to http://www.McAfee.com or your own anti-virus
> software site.
> MCAfee alert state for this virus is apparently upgraded from Medium to
> High.
> It is a 32 bit file infector for Windows 9x/NT systems and is a
> of virus, Worm and Backdoor.
> Its effect is to modify .exe and .dll files in the Windows folder (in my
> case, in the Systems subfolder of the Windows directory).
> Unless you are absolutely up to date with anti-virus software  upgrades
> may not detect this virus as it arrives.
> The virus will spread to any .exe files you open. So if you re-boot after
> power down you will infect Explorer.exe. If this happens you will not be
> able to restart your computer.  SO - DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER UNTIL
> YOU HAVE SCANNED IT. Also note that, in spite of the anti-virus
> instructions given with the fix, you must NOT DELETE  AND REPLACE affected
> files in the windows systems directory as they are all important for
> operation of the computer. You need to DISINFECT them. This has to be done
> at DOS level.
> I had great problems and ended up going on line to McAfee.com and joining
> the virus clinic (29 US dollars per year). I then downloaded the SCAN
> ON-LINE optionThis cleaned everything except for Explorer.exe which became
> infected as I opened my web browser. I then had to delete Explorer.exe and
> copy it back again from the Windows CD (deleting this file is safe).
> It is nobody's fault if a virus is unknowingly sent. However, If you use
> e-mail and you  do not have anti-virus software your are at best  a
> complete idiot (your own system may become infected) and at worst
> irresponsible (someone else's might!!!).   BUY SOME NOW - McAfee costs
> about 25 pounds and you update it regularly on-line. Others are similarly
> priced.
> Best wishes to all,
> Colin Plant
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