[Maths-Education] Rubrics for Metacognitive Blogging for Mathematics

Ng Foo Keong lefouque at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 06:24:46 GMT 2010

Dear everybody,

I am working with a primary school in Singapore which is trying
to leverage ICT and metacognition by having Grade 3 and 4 pupils
to post and critique samples of solutions / misconceptions
using bloggig.  FYI, in Singapore we encourage, but do not
compel, the use of bar diagram models as an aid to word-problem
solving in mathematics.

As part of our intervention, we might want for example to show
a wrongly conceptualised diagram and ask pupils questions like
"What was wrong with the diagram?" "Was there any information
left out?"  "Is there another way to solve the problem?"
"Is there a better way?" ... etc.  Or we might just post a solution
without any diagrams and ask "is the solution plausible?"  "Why
or why not?"

The administrative nightmares of reading the whole host of these
responses aside, I want to know whether there is any kind of
rubric for scoring these types of blog entries?  or are there any
similar rubrics for metacognition or mathematics?  Has anybody
else on this planet done anything like this before?  (Surely we're
not the first ones to try this out?)

anyway, the purpose of this is to document pupils' peer-to-peer
metacognitive processes processes and hopefully be able to link
their improved scores (we're optimistic about this) to these
metacognitive processes.

thanks everyone for any help available.

Ng, Foo Keong

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