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Sanam Javed S.Javed at ioe.ac.uk
Tue Dec 14 15:17:55 GMT 2004

School of Mathematics, Science & Technology

Research Seminar

Policy, practice, and the bases of evaluations: Multiple perspectives on the implementation of the 
Mathematics strand of the Key Stage 3 Strategy

Hamsa Venkat
Lecturer in Mathematics Education
Institute of Education

The mathematics strand of the Key Stage 3 Strategy was launched nationally by the Labour government in 2001. The policy aimed to improve teachers' expectations, teaching approaches, and students' progress and engagement within mathematics across Key Stage 3. Policy documents presented changes to the format of the mathematics curriculum and advised teachers to make greater use of whole class teaching structured in specific ways within lessons. Consultants were recruited in each LEA to support the translation of policy objectives into practice.

In this seminar I present data from a longitudinal comparative case study in which policy implementation was followed in two schools using contrastive practices within their mathematics teaching. One school used more 'traditional' approaches; the other used an individualised scheme for two of the three years.

I focus on the bases of the evaluations of policy implementation in these two schools and consider these evaluations against some student level outcomes.

Tuesday 1 Feb 05, Room 801, 5 - 6.30pm

All welcome
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