[Maths-Education] Unequal AND low pay

Jim D.N. SMITH(EDS) D.N.Smith@shu.ac.uk
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 08:59:31 +0000

The Equal Opportunities Commision Report:

The taskforce report identifies three main causes of unequal pay:

  Women now do as well as or even better than men in terms of educational
achievement; the sexes enter higher education in equal proportions, and
womens employment is catching up with mens (69%, compared to 79%). There
are complex reasons why the gap in earnings persists despite this
progress, which can be broken down into three areas:. 
    a.. sex discrimination in pay systems, which accounts for 25-50% of
the gender pay gap... 
    b.. women are concentrated in low paid jobs such as shop assistants,
teachers .....

Need I say more ?


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