[Maths-Education] Learning difficulties in maths

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Wed, 14 Feb 2001 10:26:27 +0100

Dear list members,

may I draw your attention to a recently published report

* Literature on Special Educational Needs in Mathematics *

by Olof Magne.

This report (2nd edition) presents the findings of a survey of about 5 000
documents on low achievement in mathematics that have been published in one
form or another during a long time (since 1886 up to now). This is probably
the most extensive bibliograhy on special educational needs in mathematics.
It contains references not only in English, German, French, Swedish and
other Scaninavian languages, but also from Hungarian, Slovakian and other

Professor Magne is a former president of EASE (European Association for
Special Education) and retired since the middle of the 1980s.

This report can be downloaded (pdf 623 KB) from

Unfortunately this site is in Swedish, but do not hesitate,
just open the site (Malm=F6 h=F6gskola, Specialpedagogik),
scroll down to *Olof Magne*,
there is a link called *Literature on Special Educational Needs in
just click on it and you now have started downloading the report (281 pages)=

If you have any trouble with this, do send me an email (do not use the
reply buttom) and I will send the pdf-file to you as an attachment.

Libraries, institutions and others who want a paper version can order it fro=

Malm=F6 University
School of Education
Department of Education
Att.: Sten-Sture Olofsson
SE-205 06 MALM=D6
Email: sten-sture.olofsson@lut.mah.se

It costs about 15 EURO incl. postage.

Please, forward this message to your colleagues.

My best regards,

Arne E


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